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Training and Workshops

Each writing project, workshop or talking engagement is specifically designed with a purpose in mind. To achieve the greatest result, I work in close collaboration with you so we both know what the ultimate outcome should be.

The following are projects I have or am still working on and will give you an example of what I do.

Wellness Journal Flyer.jpg

Wellness Journal: The Introduction

This is an introduction to the Wellness Journal to show the aims and guide the user through the use and benefits.

Length: 1.5 hrs

Where: On-site

Connecting Mindfully with Nature

Based on an article published in BQ Magazine (Bees and Other Pollinators Quarterly), this workshop uses mindfulness to create a deeper connection with nature.

Duration: 1.30 hrs

Where: Online

Writing for a Non-Academic Audience

Specifically aimed at Universities, this workshop helps participants to convert their research and published academic papers to be readable by a wider audience.

Length: 3 hrs

Where: On-site


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