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More than One Move in a Year

2024 is my year of change. Will it stick?

Since 2019 Medium has been the home for my posts and articles. The platform has been a perfect place to try out subjects, work with editors, pitch ideas and hone my writing skills. In the beginning, it even paid for views. I was never a big earner, but knowing that a few pence was coming my way did encourage me to write if not daily or even weekly, then a few times each month.

For me, 2024 is the year of consolidating my online activities; why have a separate blog when I have a website? My intention is to gradually update and move my posts here while adding new ones along the way. It makes sense to keep all my writing in one place.

Some of my posts will be more personal. Medium publications don't allow for 'self-promotion' e.i. talking about one's own successes such as publishing a book, winning a competition, or being over the moon that an internationally known company wants to work with me.

I might occasionally have a good moan about something or another, but those will be infrequent because during 2024 I will be practising more mindfulness which of course includes gratefulness. I might write about that too, who knows.

I look forward to 2024 and all it has in store. Some of the events I know are coming up include:

  • Running a free online workshop on 25th January, named: Nurturing Mental Health in Nature's Embrace. (More here when I have a link and instructions of how to enroll.)

  • Delivering in-person workshop at the University of Northampton, UK: Writing for a Non-Academic Audience. My partner and I do a joint gig for academics which we have fun with.

  • And one other speaking event as mentioned above, which I cannot tell you much about just yet.

  • A move back to the UK from Denmark. We want to be part of the upcoming changes that no doubt will hit the UK after the general election

  • Working on my new novel which is about to come back from the editor. Getting that into shape will then become my main focus.

  • Entering the said novel into competitions and perhaps even pitching it to agents.

  • Developing the world of a novel I started four years ago. Since then I have gained a fair amount of knowledge and experience and as it keeps returning to my mind, I believe it is time to get hold of it and make it real.

  • This year we are also taking a holiday. I can't remember the last time we went somewhere just to take a break, so plans are afoot. Perhaps a walking holiday in Italy or a city break taking in some art, good food and wine, maybe even going there by train.

Writing a list in a post such as this will encourage accountability throughout the year and reflection towards the end of the year. Will it all come true? Time will tell.

For now, I am about to choose the first post to move.

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