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"A clear, humane and honest guide full of insider tips to support anyone in therapy, and anyone considering embarking on the journey"

"A beautifully written demystification of the therapeutic journey, with intimate sharing from Karin's life - an invaluable book" 

Malcolm Stern, psychotherapist and author of Slay Your Dragons with Compassion

One of the best recommendations of my book was on Facebook. It said: 

"I read this book, it's great"

You cannot get more honest than that, and I thank the reader for commenting.

Freelance writing

As a freelance writer, I thrive when working as part of a team on specific projects, large or small, while still happy working independently.


I write articles for online as well as print publications, some of which include research and interviews followed by written copy, an area where I have had a lot of success.

With training and experience as a psychosexual and relationship therapist, a lot of my work is focused on psychological experiences and wellness.

Not all of my projects, however, are about therapy or mental health. Topics for articles have included everything from training to technology, volcanos in UNESCO Geoparks, to diving for scallops on the Norwegian coast.

For samples of previous freelance projects, please click here.

As a professional writer, collaboration is an important aspect of being able to deliver to expectations. I will always consult with my client to ascertain the exact requirements and deliver on time unless unforeseen circumstances prevent it.

Please feel free to contact me with your writing enquiries.

My debut non-fiction book The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy was published in February 2021 by Watkins Publishing. It has achieved fantastic reviews, some of which are included in these pages. Written in plain language, it is a book that anyone interested in therapy can benefit from. Whether you want to begin the journey of therapy, become a therapist, or simply want to know more about this often confidential world, this is the book for you.



Karin Blak

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“What Karin Blak has achieved with her book ‘Talking Therapy’ is quite remarkable. A sort of bible for anyone who wants to know about the process of finding a therapist,

becoming a therapist, what to expect and

how to get the most out of your journey, and then some.”

Read the full review here

Hazel Butterfield, 

Women's Radio Station