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The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy

A gentle companion and definitive guide to understanding talking therapies. 

"A beautifully written demystificaion of the therapeutic journey, with intimate sharing from Karin's life - an invaluable book" 

Malcolm Stern, psychotherapist and author of Slay Your Dragons with Compassion

"A clear, humane and honest guide full of insider tips to support anyone in therapy, and anyone considering embarking on the journey"

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Published on 9th February 2021 by
Watkins Publishing
Karin Blak
Karin blak

Born in Denmark to working-class parents, I am the youngest of three girls. I trained in the UK in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, Systemic Family Therapy and Young Adult's Counselling. I no longer practice as a therapist but spend my time writing about my experiences as a therapist and as a person.

My life story comes out in snippets in all my writing, fiction as well as non-fiction. I will leave it up to you to decide what is me and what is not. 

I hope my writing brings insight, entertainment and prompts for conversation; but most of all, I hope you enjoy it. 

To find out more about me and my qualifications, experience and awards, click here.


I write about intimate relationships, friendship and family, society and therapy.

Here you will find links to Medium and Psychology Today where I regularly publish articles. Also, a link to my portfolio with a selection of articles published in print and online publications as well as interviews and podcasts. 

At the moment, as well as writing articles, I am working on a second non-fiction book also based on my therapeutic experiences.

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