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Karin's Relationship Toolbox

Sometimes all we need is a little help or some ideas of how to move forward.  In this section you will find some step by step ideas or suggestions to help you in a variety of situations.  Try them out and feel free to send me an email with your feedback of how they worked for you.

Relationship Listening Skills: There are times when we tend to not hear what exactly our partner is saying. It isn’t because we necessarily want to misunderstand, but probably more to do with our thoughts being somewhere else and so we are distracted from the situation or we want to fix. We also tend not to hear our partner if we have got into an argument.

Connecting On A Daily Basis Can Be Fun: It doesn’t have to be onerous or take great organisation to connect in with your partner, in fact the harder it becomes the less likely you are to repeat it.

Stop Arguing And Start Talking: If you find yourselves bickering and arguing without being able to stop, these steps will help you both to take a step back and develop a different strategy. These steps need to be worked on by both of you, it will not work if only one of you are aware of the process or recognise the need for change.

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