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Professional help for personal relationships … a confidential and neutral space to talk

Relationship Counselling in Northampton

If you need to talk with someone about any aspect of your relationship, whether you are single, married, living together, straight or in a same sex relationship, relationship counselling or sexual therapy with Karin Blak will provide a confidential and neutral space to talk and explore possibilities.

Relationship Therapy

Relationship counselling can help you on your own or with your partner, untangling issues that are bothering you and getting in the way of a happy relationship.  

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Relationship counselling is for any stage of a relationship, whether you have only been together for a short time or for many years.  Many times people wait too long to seek help, it is never too soon to come to relationship counselling, but the longer you wait the harder you will have to work.  

If an issue cannot be overcome in reasonable time and with reasonable words, then it is time to pick up the phone or write an email to make an appointment to attend relationship counselling.

There are some examples of issues that might be brought to counselling:

Counselling for couples

Individual relationship counselling

Sex Therapy

It can take a great deal of courage to seek help with a sexual difficulty.  A lot of people wait a long time before asking for help, while others never do thinking that their problem can't be solved or that they are too embarrassed talking about sex and intimacy.

If you are uncertain about contacting me to talk about your issues, it is probably a good idea to initially send me an email just giving me an outline of your issue, we can then take it from there and make sure you get the help you need.

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If you are not sure what sex therapy can treat or wherher sex therapy can help your situation, just call or send me an email to talk about your concerns.

To find answers to some of your questions please go to:

Psycho Sexual Therapy

Here are some  articles that might be helpful to you:

Erections that just don't work the way they used to

When Sex Becomes Impossible

Physical Intimacy Dread or Pleasure

More information

For more information of what Relationship Counselling and Sexual Therapy is please follow the links below:

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What is the difference?

There are many terms for relationship therapy:

  • couples counselling
  • couples therapy
  • marriage guidance
  • marriage counselling
  • relationship counselling
  • marriage therapy

All of these terms can be used enterchangably and in practice all work therapeutically with couple relationships.

Marriage guidance, marriage counselling or marriage therapy is the older term for working therapeutically with couple relationships.  It stems from the days when there was an emphasis on the institution of marriage. as it was called then.

It is only in the last 30 years or so the term has changed to couples counselling, relationship therapy, couple therapy or relationship counselling.  Great developments in the approach to relationship therapy have taken place since then and our understanding of how we find a partner, how we manage to get together and what happens when we do get together is still developing.

Sex therapy on the other hand is a relatively new addition to relationship therapy.  Though it is still looked upon as a seperate descipline by many associations and organisations, there is a movement to merge both.  Problems in a relationship can cause problems in intimacy and problems with intimacy can cause problems in the relationship; one shouldn't be exclusive from the other. 

It is from this movement that I have been inspired to merge the two in therapy. I continue to develop my skills and knowledge so that my clients can get the absolute best that I can provide as a specialist in intimate relationships.

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