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Teenagers! Who'd have 'em: ​Struggling to get your beloved teenager to do their coursework, get up in the morning, do any kind of communication, tidy up after themselves, take part in family life - the list is endless - you could be wasting your energy.

Are You Struggling With Single Parenting?: ​We don’t usually plan for separation when we start a family, but statistics tells us that a quarter of families in the UK are run by single parents. Becoming a single parent through relationship breakdown is without doubt a very emotionally stressful time: communicating with your former partner about practicalities and responsibilities can easily become laden with emotions that spiral out of hand.

Is Your Relationship Lacking Spontaneity?: Do you remember what it is to be light hearted and playful with your partner? Or has every day turned into a routine of getting up, organising the children, getting to work, meeting deadlines, picking up children or food before going home to yet more routine of dinner, struggles of getting the children to bed, home responsibilities, and eventually a rushed moment where you can sit and watch the news before going to bed exhausted while knowing another day of repetition awaits you tomorrow?

Erections That Just Don't Work The Way They Used To: Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximately 52% of men between the age of 40 and 70. It is a staggering figure and yet it is a subject that is not openly talked about, leaving a lot of men thinking that they are alone, that it is a rare thing and that they are less of a man for experiencing ED.

When Sex Becomes Impossible: In a stable, long-term relationship physical intimacy rarely stays as exciting as it was when the relationship first started. We may at times find ourselves bored, perhaps having got into a routine.

Physical Intimacy - Dread or Pleasure?: Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day gets closer, when many of us arrange meals, flowers and intimate occasions for our loved one. For most it is a day to look forward to in the midst of the darkness of winter. For others it might be a day to dread.

My Perfect Partner The Mind Reader: Relationship troubles are usually based in behaviour: she/he did or did not do something; said or did not say something; acted or did not act a certain way. I can’t remember a couple being in trouble because one or both felt or thought something.

Relationship Therapy in Northampton

It can take a good deal of courage for some people to talk with a stranger about their personal life and sometimes it can feel impossible to know where to start explaining how you got to where you are. 

How to re-build or move forward in a relationship can seem inconceivable.  Very often simply having a neutral forum for expressing and re-thinking the situation, past and present, is all it takes to re-shape the closeness in a relationship.

My aim is to help you open the door to a new beginning. With a little creativity we can work through the issues you bring. I use all  my experience and training to understand your specific situation and guide you reach an understatnding of your relationship and explore different directions and possibilities.

How many sessions do you need?

Many clients ask how many sessions they need, that is a difficult question to answer; every relationship is different and requires a unique approach.  There are differing opinions on how many the average set of sessions are; from 6 sessions in the NHS or Relate, to 16 in an American journal.  The Tavistock Center for Relationship Counselling look upon 18 months as being short term.

In my experience the number of sessions depend very much on the work, thought and actions taken by the individuals and couples between sessions.  If there is a want to explore, a willingness to change and the ability to be open and honest, then it can take very little time.  

However, this is a big ask of anyone and it is common for people to find it difficult, especially at the start of therapy, to open up to a perfect stranger or to say the things that they have feared will hurt their partner, cause arguments or put themselves in a bad light.  We can work through this, after all that is partly what relationship counselling is for. 

The first step is to contact me whether by phone or by email.

You are welcome to call me on one of the following numbers:

  • Phone: 01604 247679
  • Mobile: 07939 266533 

If talking on the phone isn't easy, you can email me here.

Appointments are available both during the day and on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  I will try to get you an appointment at a time that suits you, though it is always easier if you have a selection of posible days and times. 

Once you have made an appointment for your first session, all you have to do is come along with thoughts of what you would like to achieve from coming to counselling.

All counselling is confidential and will stay between you and me, unless it is revealed that someone is at risk of harm in which case I work with you on what needs to happen next.

In the first session I will be taking notes mainly of your contact details and other admin points, as well as asking you other more personal questions.  Once that is done you will be invited to talk about what has brought you to counselling and we will explore your issues a little.

If at the end of the first session you decide to continue counselling, we will talk about what you would like to achieve and begin working towards your aims.

Every relationship is unique, but here are some examples of what could be brought to counselling. 

Counselling for couples

Relationship counselling for individuals

Psycho-sexual therapy

Payment and other information

Each sessions is an hour long give or take a few minutes, and costs £65 per session payable by checque or cash.

It is possible to have 90 minutes sessions, these cost £90 per session.

Skype sessions are possible if you are living too far away or cannot make it to my practice every session.

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