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Teenagers! Who'd have 'em: ​Struggling to get your beloved teenager to do their coursework, get up in the morning, do any kind of communication, tidy up after themselves, take part in family life - the list is endless - you could be wasting your energy.

Are You Struggling With Single Parenting?: ​We don’t usually plan for separation when we start a family, but statistics tells us that a quarter of families in the UK are run by single parents. Becoming a single parent through relationship breakdown is without doubt a very emotionally stressful time: communicating with your former partner about practicalities and responsibilities can easily become laden with emotions that spiral out of hand.

Is Your Relationship Lacking Spontaneity?: Do you remember what it is to be light hearted and playful with your partner? Or has every day turned into a routine of getting up, organising the children, getting to work, meeting deadlines, picking up children or food before going home to yet more routine of dinner, struggles of getting the children to bed, home responsibilities, and eventually a rushed moment where you can sit and watch the news before going to bed exhausted while knowing another day of repetition awaits you tomorrow?

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